Pluribus NetVisor Linux / Adaptive Cloud Fabric: Quick Setup & Config

A couple of months ago (~ Aug 2017), I secured a couple of Dell EMC 10G switches (S4048-ON) on a short term loan from our stock. The intent was to try and get a basic Pluribus ONVL ACF fabric up and running, and connected into a single Dell EMC campus 1G switch (N3024) I already had sitting at home.

The ONVL software and license install was smooth. i put both files in USB, where they were picked up and installed without issues.

What follows below is a quick worksheet i compiled for future reference. As i only had two ACF switches to play with, more elaborate and fancy topologies (Spine/Leaf etc.) were not in contention. similarly, there were no VM/Servers at my disposal to be able to sample the deep visibility and tracking offered by ONVL’s powerful vPort database.

Nevertheless, the building blocks remain the same as in this basic setup. The result was an ONVL fabric with the two switches in a multi-chassis LAG (Pluribus parlance – VLAG), VRRP and vRouters. To these was connected, a single Dell EMC edge switch with active active LAG links.

I hope the following will be useful to someone, somewhere.

Pluribus Demo 2- Hasan Mansur.png


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