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Force10 MXL Switch for M1000e Blade Chassis

. This is the first of three posts on MXL blade switches. While this gives an overview of the switch, the other two posts give configuration details for setting these up as Data and iSCSI fabrics, within M1000e Blade Chassis. The posts can be accessed here: Data fabric, M1000e: iSCSI Fabric, M1000e: __ The MXL … Continue reading

Force10 MXL configuration – Data fabric for M1000e blade chassis

. If you see an issue where the MXL switch refuses to boot when placed in the M1000e chassis, be mindful that this may not be a hardware issue. the previous MXL firmware version, specifically version, does not support M1000e midplane version 1.0. This however, is resolved in the new revision this is … Continue reading

Force10 MXL configuration – iSCSI fabric for M1000e blade chassis

. First, I would highly recommend you have a view of my earlier post that summarizes the various (platform independent) optimizations you can implement on an iSCSI fabric. These could be configured upfront, or tried  re-actively in case you have any performance or packet loss issues. the post can be found here If you see … Continue reading