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Force10 S60 – iSCSI configuration example – stacked, isolated.


First, I would highly recommend you have a view of my earlier post that summarizes the various (platform independent) optimizations you can implement on an iSCSI fabric. These could be configured upfront, or tried  re-actively in case you have any performance or packet loss issues. the post can be found here


Force10 S60 is pitched as a ToR switch for 1/10 GbE access at the network edge. It is equipped with the industry’s largest packet buffer (1.25 GB), enabling it to deliver lower application latency and maintain predictable network performance even when faced with significant spikes in network traffic. It provides 48 line-rate GbE ports and up to four optional 10 GbE uplinks in just 1 RU.

I have come across these switches in numerous iSCSI deployments. Due to the huge buffer size they offer, they are tailor made for traffic of a bursty nature, as typical in iSCSI.

I will just provide a quick & dirty config for a simple iSCSI setup on these switches, when used in a stack of two.

Force10 S60 – iSCSI Fabric – Stacked, Isolated (no LAN uplinks), Single iSCSI VLAN
Force10> en
Global Force10# conf
Force10(conf)# hostname xyz
FTOS(conf)# enable password password
VTY & SSH FTOS(conf)# line vty 0
FTOS(config-line-vty)# login authentication default
FTOS(config-line-vty)# exi
FTOS(conf)# username sample password sample priv 15
FTOS(conf)# ip telnet server enable
FTOS(conf)# ip ssh server enable
Force10(conf)# protocol spanning-tree rstp
 no disable
Server Egress ports Force10(conf)# interface range gi 1/0 – xx
Force10(conf-if-range-xx)#  description  “Edge Port Server- iSCSI Access VLAN xyz”
 no ip address
 mtu 9216
 flowcontrol rx on
 spanning-tree rstp edge-port
 no shutdown
Equalogic Egress ports Force10(conf)# interface range gi 1/yy – xx
Force10(conf-if-range-xx)#  description  “Edge Port EQL- iSCSI Access VLAN xyz”
 no ip address
 mtu 9216
 flowcontrol rx on
 no spanning-tree 0
 no shutdown
VLAN Force10(conf)# interface Vlan xyz
No L3 interface needed as non-routed iSCSI VLAN. All ports made access members.  no ip address
 untagged GigabitEthernet 0/0-47
 untagged GigabitEthernet 1/0-47
 no shutdown
OOB Force10(conf)# interface ManagementEthernet 0/0
 ip address x.x.x.x/24
 no shutdown

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