Juniper Ex4200 Physical Interconnects


EX4200 switches are available in models with 24 or 48 ports and with either all, or only 8 ports equipped for PoE. All EX4200 switches have dedicated 64-Gbps VC ports. Optional uplink modules are available for all EX4200 switches. Uplink modules provide

      • 2 – 10 GB XFP transceivers,
      • 4 – 1 GB SFP transceivers, or
      • 2 – 10 GB SFP+ transceivers.

The front panel of an EX4200 switch consists of the following components:

      • Network ports—10/100/1000Base-T GE ports, some or all of which are enabled for PoE. Or
      • Uplink module ports—SFP, SFP+, or XFP ports (optional). Uplink modules are not part of the standard package and must be ordered separately.

SFP+ Uplink Module

SFP+ uplink modules can be used for either SFP+ or SFP transceivers. You configure the operating mode on the module to match the type of transceiver you want to use—for SFP+ transceivers, you configure the 10-gigabit operating mode, and for SFP transceivers, you configure the 1-gigabit operating mode. See Setting the Mode on an SFP+ Uplink Module (CLI Procedure). By default, the SFP+ uplink module operates in the 10-GB mode and supports only SFP+ transceivers. If you have not changed the module from the default setting and you want to use SFP+ transceivers, you do not need to configure the operating mode. If the operating mode and the configured mode for an SFP+ uplink module are different, it is shown in the output of show chassis pic fpc-slot slot number pic-slot 1.

The ports that support SFP+ transceivers are labelled 10 G on the uplink module’s faceplate. When an SFP+ uplink module is operating in 10-gigabit mode:

    • Only the 10-gigabit ports (ports 0 and 2) are enabled.
    • You can use only SFP+ transceivers in those ports.

When an SFP+ uplink module is operating in 1-gigabit mode:

    • All four ports are enabled.
    • You can use only SFP transceivers in all four ports.

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