Setting an Uplink VCP on a Standalone Switch – Juniper EX4200

You can set an uplink VCP on a standalone switch. You must set an uplink port on the standalone switch as a VCP prior to physically interconnecting the switch with the existing Virtual Chassis configuration. Otherwise, the master cannot detect that the switch is a member of the Virtual Chassis configuration. To set one uplink VCP on the potential member (SWA-2), which is currently operating as a standalone switch:

  1. Power on the standalone switch.
  2. Set one uplink port as a VCP interface. You do not need to specify the member member-id option, because the command applies by default on the member where it is executed.

user@switch> request virtual-chassis vc-port set pic-slot 1 port 0

  1. After you have set the uplink VCP on the standalone switch, physically interconnect its uplink port with the VCP uplink ports of the members in the existing Virtual Chassis configuration. The new member switch reboots and joins the now expanded Virtual Chassis configuration with a different member ID.

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